Kruitbosch offers more

It is important to Kruitbosch to have the most complete range imaginable. Therefore we have a broad span - we are wholesalers of leading bicycle brands, but we also have bicycle components, accessories, spare parts. However, we are more than just wholesalers. Over the years we have become a retail partner for specialists bike shops.

Our three pillars

Our range rests on three pillars - Sport, Parts & Retail and Lifestyle. In the Lifestyle pillar, you find all types of bikes - from light-weight design bikes to practical family bikes. The range is enhanced with accessories and parts that are found in the  Parts & Retail  pillar. Our support services for your orders, bicycle shop or workshop are another important element of this pillar. Finally, we have the  Sport pillar - a comprehensive range of parts and accessories for sports bikes.

Ability to stand out

There are more characteristics that make Kruitbosch stand out as a company. At a glance:

  • 60% preferred supplier;
  • Drop-shipment options;
  • Delivery reliability of 95%;
  • Short lead times - order today, receive tomorrow (stocks permitting);
  • Error percentage of just 0.04%;
  • Connect–Sales promoters for each pillar who provide customised shop advice on layout and furnishings for example;
  • We organise workshop days that meet a dealer's needs (Kruitbosch Academy).

Convenient services and tools

With our convenient services and tools, Kruitbosch supports you in the best possible way with your range, shop and workshop. We design shelf plans, provide tools that chart your local market and give advice on your shop and workshop. We help you with sales, and consumers can get the parts they are looking for.