There are undoubtedly plenty of favorite brands in our selection! As a wholesale distributor offering over 160 brands, we consistently curate a diverse range, from well-established names to exclusive labels. It's a delightful blend of renowned A-brands, contemporary micromobility manufacturers, and plenty of emerging brands that might just become your new favorites.

Always the right price and quality

A brand's inclusion in the PENDLR range is a deliberate decision. Before adding a brand to our collection, we carefully evaluate its compatibility with our values. We seek an inspiring brand narrative, assess quality standards, and ensure we can offer it at a competitive price. If we're content with the outcomes, we conduct comprehensive product testing. And once we're thoroughly impressed, we incorporate the brand into our selection and notify you. This ensures that you can count on every product to meet the right standards of quality and affordability. 

Exclusive brands in our range

In addition to the well-known A-brands, we're delighted to showcase other unique brands that have our confidence. We exclusively offer these special brands through our Kruitbosch Portal.

Interested in our brands? 

We understand that you may want to find out if your favorite brands are part of our range or if we can incorporate your brand into our assortment. It makes sense. Get in touch to get to know all the possibilities of partnering up. We will get in touch with you to provide you with more information about our brands and the possibilities.


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