The daily means of commuting in and around the city are evolving. Emerging forms of urban mobility are gaining traction and popularity. At PENDLR, we are committed to becoming your micromobility partner, with a primary objective of equipping you with all the tools to set the city and the future in motion.

Reshaping daily commutes

Together, we make daily movements in and around the city more flexible, efficient, and greener. Our aim is to provide you with all the tools you need to keep the city and the future in motion.


Micromobility: Sustainable, daily and healthier ways of getting around using lightweight vehicles in and around the city.


The way we move in and around the city is changing

In urban areas, we are progressively replacing cars, public transportation, and delivery vans with bicycles, scooters, cargo bikes, or longtail bikes. When traveling to the city, we integrate the use of cars or public transport with folding bikes, shared bikes, or scooters for the last few kilometers. This shift is driven by the pursuit of quicker travel times, improved efficiency, and environmental considerations. The way we commute daily is evolving, and we are enthusiastic advocates of this change.

We are adopting more flexible, efficient and sustainable transportation options within the city

Whether it involves moving yourself, your children, or groceries, commuting to work, or facilitating quick deliveries and technician visits, micromobility allows you to move swiftly and effortlessly in and around the city while retaining complete control. As a positive outcome, we are contributing to a more sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, and healthier urban environment!

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Many Opportunities, that we'll seize together

Leveraging our experience, expertise, and network, we aid sellers, manufacturers, and other stakeholders in seizing these opportunities. Unclear about these emerging needs and prospects? No worries; we ensure you stay informed and share industry knowledge, insights, and inspiration. To effectively capitalize on these chances, we provide all the necessary products, services, and support. We also facilitate connections between all parties, collectively accelerating the growth and pace of the micromobility movement.

Your partner in micromobility

With our wealth of experience, expertise, and extensive network, we're here to assist you whether you're a seller, producer, or any other stakeholder looking to seize opportunities. If you're uncertain about what these needs and prospects entail, don't fret; we'll ensure you're well-informed and share industry knowledge, insights, and inspiration. To effectively capitalize on these prospects, we offer a comprehensive range of products, services, and support tailored to your needs. Additionally, we foster connections among all stakeholders, collectively driving the growth and acceleration of the micromobility movement.

Strength in Unity

We firmly believe that together, we can accomplish the most. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you, whether you're a producer, reseller, or end-user. Our primary concern is what's best for our city and everyone who moves within it daily, with a shared goal of making a positive impact on the environment. Together, we're stronger, and together, we make progress.

Seizing Opportunities

Discovering opportunities is one thing, but seizing the most promising ones is our specialty. We dream, we recognize, and we take action. We don't settle for half-measures, nor do we wait for opportunities to pass us by. We lead the way and, most importantly, we're proactive.

Prepared for Tomorrow

We're always ready for the future. We observe the unfolding events and recognize what needs to be done. We work diligently with a forward-looking perspective, and that future is bright; we're committed to making it even brighter. We're moving forward at full throttle, with our gaze firmly fixed on what lies ahead!

Full speed ahead and eyes on the future! Coffee?

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