Our offer

Together, we make daily movements in and around the city more flexible, efficient, and greener. Our aim is to provide you with all the tools you need to keep the city and the future in motion. Reshaping daily commutes. Get acquainted with our four key pillars!

Assortment.  Everything you and your customers are looking for

  • Transportation: all new, lightweight, and sustainable modes of transportation for daily commutes in and around the city
  • Parts: reliable parts necessary for maintenance and repair
  • Accessories: convenient, intelligent, and distinctive accessories for all daily commutes
  • Brands: Explore our 160 major and niche brands. Many exclusive, all indispensable.

Knowledge & Tips.  Discovering and making the most of every opportunity 

  • Knowledge Hub: a comprehensive resource for all things micromobility knowledge and insights.
  • Sustainable Selections: stay ahead in sustainability with these brands, products, and narratives.
  • News & Trends: stay updated on new developments and remain in the loop regarding all ongoing matters.

Services & Training.  Achieving excellence in marketing, buying and selling 

  • Store Layout: seek advice on the most effective store arrangement for your shop or take matters into your own hands!
  • Workshop Setup: from guidance to implementation, we provide a professional and organized workshop space.
  • Connect: access real-time shelf performance data for optimizing your product mix and increasing profitability.

Support.  Intelligent, efficient and seamless collaboration 

  • Portal tips & tricks: explore how our portal enhances convenience and service, available 24/7, wherever and whenever it suits you
  • Automation: harness web services, FTP, or POS systems for highly efficient operations
  • Contact & support: obtain answers to all your inquiries from our industry experts
  • Delivery services: swift, sustainable, and adaptable solutions for delivery and packaging
  • Returns & warranty: our aim is to minimize the need for these services, but if required, we prioritize making the process hassle-free.

Let's work together

Need more information or curious about the possibilities for your business? Contact us and we will discuss everything with you without obligation.