Kruitbosch the most highly valued wholesaler

Kruitbosch was crowned the most highly valued wholesaler of 2014. This was demonstrated by the Performance Monitor Wholesalers study by Van Es Marketing Services. On the five elements range, logistics, information, price and service Kruitbosch scored the highest average and took first place with 8.0.

Kruitbosch is extremely pleased with this result, as Chris Kruitbosch, Managing Director, commented “We are focused on the long term and believe in the power of cooperation. Exactly the reason why we are so proud to have received these scores from our clients. The year 2015 will be a special year for us, because we celebrate our 60th anniversary. This score is a great start of our anniversary year”.

Around 180 bicycle shops assessed the wholesalers. Other wholesalers that participated in the study include Agu, Groothandel Aalten, Handelshuis W. Rutteman, Louis Verwimp, Hermann Hartje, Juncker Bike Parts, Koninklijke Gazelle, Shimano and ZEG.

Monday, November 17, 2014