Kruitbosch wholesaler becomes PENDLR


Exciting news! Kruitbosch wholesale is rebranding as PENDLR. We are becoming your partner in micromobility , promoting light, healthy, and sustainable daily commuting solutions within and around the city. This marks a new direction and a fresh identity. We ensure that you have everything to keep the city and the future in motion.

New direction, new name

A new direction ánd a new name, that is a lot. And we are aware of that. The daily means of commuting in and around the city are evolving. Emerging forms of urban mobility are gaining traction and popularity. In urban areas, we are progressively replacing cars, public transportation, and delivery vans with bicycles, scooters, cargo bikes, or longtail bikes. When traveling to the city, we integrate the use of cars or public transport with folding bikes, shared bikes, or scooters for the last few kilometers. This shift is driven by the pursuit of quicker travel times, improved efficiency, and environmental considerations.

More than a wholesale partner, but a partner in micromobility

A new name adds strength and focus to our direction. Thus, we focus on the opportunities that micromobility brings us and help our dealer, supplier or partner to seize these opportunities in time. Thus, together we make the micromobility movement bigger and faster and cities accessible and livable. With PENDLR, we become more than just a wholesaler, but a partner in micromobility. Who helps with a large micromobility assortment, store and workshop equipment, insights and advice on micromobility, practical workshops and trainings and the latest trends and developments.

Reshaping daily commutes - Together we make daily movements in and around the city more flexible, efficient and greener.


Is the name Kruitbosch disappearing?

For almost 70 years we built our family business, we do not forget. Therefore, Kruitbosch will certainly continue to exist, but as the mother brand of PENDLR and Cortina. We are expanding the family and pushing the brands forward. Everything you as a dealer, supplier or our partner have come to expect from us will stay and get better. We are on the road and this journey we will make together, one meter further every day from now on.


Kruitbosch wholesaler becomes PENDLR