Stichting Present

‘Noaberschap’ - that is our dialect for the duty to look after your neighbours in our agricultural community. It is a great concept that we like to pursue in a modern setting. It explains why Kruitbosch is the social partner of Stichting Present in Zwolle. Stichting Present mediates between volunteers and people who struggle with their health, their finances or who are without a social network. The foundation organises around 300 projects a year. The aim? To create a connection between different groups in society. Stichting Present believes that it should be obvious to look after each other. We couldn't agree more.  

Help in a care home

Our partnership with Stichting Present means we provide financial support. We also work for the foundation in other ways, as Kruitbosch employees are volunteers for the various projects in Zwolle. Kruitbosch employees regularly help with activities in care home Theodora Vos de Wael, which houses 34 people with dementia. We help with trips, preparing dinner, we do jobs, play games, or we're ‘just there’ for a chat. It means people with dementia get a little more help and attention.

Bingo afternoon in De Riethorst

A bingo afternoon in residential care home De Riethorst was another project we enjoyed in cooperation with Stichting Present. This organisation really wanted to organise bingo with fun prizes and treats. As all the participants suffer from one form of dementia or another, they need all the help they can get. The Kruitbosch employees produced a fun afternoon, with plenty of attention for the residents who had the most wonderful day.