Today it's World Cycling Day! This day was specially initiated by the UN to highlight the bicycle and its potential. Because a bicycle is an affordable, healthy and a sustainable way to get from A to B. How do we at Kruitbosch actually look at the bicycle and the developments in our industry? We asked Stephan Mooibroek, Business Unit Manager Bikes at Kruitbosch.

Stephan, today is World Cycling Day. Why do you think everyone should start cycling?

I think everyone should start cycling because, first of all, it is very healthy. It is important for everyone to get enough exercise, but it can be hard to find time for that sometimes. Making cycling (including functionally from A to B) part of your daily routine makes it a lot easier to keep moving. And besides, of course, it's a perfect way to go outside and experience scenic landscapes!

But I think there is also another good reason to give bicycles a more prominent place. This is because the physical space occupied by bicycles is a lot smaller than the space required by a car. Every square meter we don't need to park a car can be used to make our urban areas (even) more livable.

In short, cycling is healthy for me and for the world around me... Everyone should cycle! 

Do you cycle a lot yourself? And how do you experience it?

I love to bike and all short rides I prefer to do by bike. Nothing is better than stretching my legs and discovering new places in the region. I also like to get on my mountain bike and push the limits. I love adventure!

But what I love most of all is cycling with my children. As a father, I notice that my children's world expands so a lot and that cycling gives a huge boost to their independence. Admittedly, I find it a bit unsettling at times when they go out on the road on their bikes. At the same time, I think it's cool. I can only encourage others to get their children on their bikes as soon as possible!

What developments do you see in the bicycle industry?

First of all, I think the bicycle industry is a beautiful and interesting industry. This year is a challenging year for many players. I see a correction taking place in our chain, bringing supply and demand back together. At the same time, it is also a year in which there are lots of new opportunities and that is precisely what makes it such an interesting industry for me.

We see many parties taking steps to make the entire chain (more) sustainable. To achieve that, I think it is important that we are all transparent. An open mind to do things differently on a fundamental level is also crucial. I see increasingly close collaborations emerging, so that we as a industry can really make an impact. I also see automotive claiming an increasingly prominent place in our industry. I see more and more products that will occupy the space between the bicycle and the car.

How are you participating in this at Kruitbosch?

With all of our Kruitbosch brands, we target relatively young people. Of course we do that with our children's bike brand Alpina, but also with our bike brand Cortina. The sooner you get people on their bikes, the better! We recently introduced a new bicycle to target this young audience even better, called the Cortina E-Lett.

It is very challenging for us to just make a difference. That is why at Kruitbosch we believe in the power of cooperation. Then our impact becomes many times bigger! That is why we have joined several initiatives to give cycling an even more prominent place in the city.

Finally, it is crucial for us to reduce the footprint of our products and to make the chain behind them more sustainable. This starts by taking small steps, such as a stricter selection of suppliers, but also by taking big steps in the area of batteries, for example. And again, we cannot do this alone. We must work together to realize our dream, of that I am absolutely sure!