Kruitbosch joins its services under the name Kruitbosch Connect. Previously we talked about unburdening retailers, but now Kruitbosch intends to emphasise cooperation throughout the chain. That is the thinking behind the name Kruitbosch Connect, but it goes much, much further. It means that the services and benefits for the retailer remain the same for now and that they will be expanded in the future.


Where it all started
Years ago Kruitbosch started with shop layouts - a bit of cooperation, a little advice, some support and physically helping with the layout. During the past two years we made changes and added many services, and the service now largely consists of keeping shelf plans up to date and analysing sales.

Options offered by Kruitbosch Connect
1. Kruitbosch Connect Plan (previously Retail Disencumbrance Plan)
a) Benchmark
The turnover per metre is compared with the turnover details for an identical group that serves as the benchmark. This allows the business to compare itself with the average for the bicycle market. 
b) Service area charted
In order to create an even better picture of the local market, Kruitbosch has the “Service area charted” tool. This provides handles for determining the choice of range and ensures an even better match with the consumer's needs.
2. Cross Retail
The ultimate mix between webshop, website and online in-store shopping
3. Shop design
Advise, support and design.

Kruitbosch is working hard on developing new services in order to add those to Kruitbosch Connect. Cooperation is the future and Kruitbosch will create even more links with retailers, suppliers and consumers. The crux is sharing information. that enables all of us to respond even better to the wishes and needs of the consumer. The ultimate aim is to achieve return improvements.

Friday, February 13, 2015